- La The Winery Pagos del Rey en Rioja - Castillo de Albai

The Winery

Pagos del Rey-La Rioja Winery

The winery, opened in 2006, is already one of the largest in La Rioja. It is located near the river overlooking the mountains of La Rioja alavesa. It combines tradition and modern architecture. Large fireplaces and a glazed facade burst into the landscape as a boat. In the barrel nave stands out its frieze fir wood.

A statue of a harvesting woman with her basket of grapes welcomes the winery of Pagos del Rey. It is a symbol of the long tradition of winemaking in the region.

Expert winemakers combine tradition and modernity to create excellent red wines typical of La Rioja. Its privileged location near Fuenmayor allows us to access excellent vineyards with their different maturation cycles and varieties to create our wines.


• 31.000 m².

• Two bottling lines with capacity for 13,000 bottles /hour.

• Barrel park with capacity above 19,000 French and American oak barrels.

• Total processing capacity: 15 million liters per year.