te mereces un rioja

From Castillo de Albai we want to support the campaign of our colleagues from the Regulatory Council whom launched the campaign ‘You Deserve a Rioja’ initiative.

It is a new wave of communication, supported by a television ad and that is a breath of fresh air to face the day to day. It is intended to transfer encouragement and hope in this complex and adverse time that we are living.

With the announcement, the fighting and pioneering character is transferred through a visual story illustrating labels of La Rioja, which also symbolize the diversity of the wines of the region.

Our colleagues in the marketing team, in line with the campaign launched, give us the key to the campaign that appeals to the union and to share a good wine at different times.

In addition, we appeal to your most creative instincts and invite you to become designer for a day… How to do it? We invite you to visit the website ‘You Deserve a Rioja’ where a section has been enabled where you can design your own Rioja wine label and customize it.

You can use all the resources that you want: from photographs, drawings, sketches or special messages or dedications. These designs can be downloaded and shared on social media to surprise your circle of friends.

In addition, your work will be rewarded as, among all the designs, 1,000 lucky people will be chosen who will see their own creation in a bottle of Rioja wine.

If you are among them, you will receive the bottles in December, and you will surely surprise everyone with a very special toast and in a personalized way. Uncover your most creative instincts with a glass of Castillo de Albai !! Cheers and go for it!!